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Grass Cutting

All areas and types of grass and lawns cut using a range of equipment from pedestrian petrol mulch or collection mowers to large diesel driven rotary and cylinder mowers.

Hedge Cutting

All types and sizes of hedges cut using hand held petrol trimmers to agricultural tractor mounted flail cutters.

Weed Control

Environmentally friendly Glyphosate based weed killer applied using correctly maintained applicators by trained operatives.

Rubbish and Waste control

All green waste is disposed of at an environmentally controlled fully regulated recycling site where green waste is turned into compost material. This is an important part of the grounds maintenance process and ensures your company is supporting the whole recycling ethos.

Pressure Washing

Cleaning service using powerful petrol driven pressure washing equipment covering for example pathways, carparks and refuse bins.

Seasonal Jobs

Annual tasks undertaken including spring planting, summer bedding work, autumn leaf clearance and winter snow clearing and rock salt gritting service.

Shrub Work

Care of shrubs from new planting to clipping work using hand held shears and secateurs to petrol driven clippers.

Field Maintenance

Sports Areas, Covering fine cylinder grass mowing and sports line marking taking instruction with any cricket/football club present.

Many types of Sites Covered

Sites and Clients, our range of sites and clients include: local parish and borough councils, highway locations, schools, colleges, retail parks, flat/housing association groups, property management companies, industrial/factory sites, pub/hotel grounds.

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